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Should Christians be "100% affirming of gay relationships"?

One of my friends, a seminary grad and former leader at an evangelical church, recently posted this statement on social media:

The debate is over for me. I follow a trajectory-of-scripture view on things, which is the same concept used by the North to say that slavery was immoral (contra the South who cited Bible verses to endorse slavery). I am 100% affirming of gay relationships. I will welcome them, support them, encourage them, love them.

I respect my friend and appreciate his willingness to engage this important issue publicly and openly. I do, however, disagree with his conclusion. I simply do not see a trajectory in Scripture towards an affirmation of homosexual unions. There does indeed seem to be a trajectory in Scripture on sexual ethics. However, the trajectory is not towards a more permissive view, but towards a more restrictive view. In the Old Testament, polygamy is permitted, while in the New Testament, monogamy is required. In both testaments, homosexual acts are unequivocally condemned. Where is the evidence that Scripture displays a trajectory towards the affirmation of homosexual unions?

Moreover, I strongly disagree with the implication that there is a "debate" among Christians over whether or not we should "love" homosexuals. Can anyone name a single theologian teaching at an accredited university or seminary who maintains that Christians should not love homosexuals? I submit that no such theologian exists. Christians agree that we should love homosexuals. The debate is over whether or not homosexual acts are sinful. If such acts are indeed sinful, and if sin is indeed harmful, then the affirmation of homosexual unions cannot be construed as an act of love.

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