The Big Questions

A collection of free video lectures from the world's leading Christian philosophers, scientists, and historians:

Does God exist?

John Lennox (Mathematician & Philosopher @ Oxford): 

Rodney Holder (Astrophysicist & Theologian @ Cambridge): 

John Polkinghorne (Physicist @ Cambridge): 

Alister McGrath (Scientist & Theologian @ Oxford): 

Richard Swinburne (Philosopher @ Oxford): 

Eleonore Stump (Philosopher @ Saint Louis University)

Barth Netterfield (Astrophysicist @ University of Toronto): 

Francis Collins (Geneticist; Directed Human Genome Project; Director of National Institutes of Health): 

James Tour (Synthetic Organic Chemist @ Rice University): 

Michael Behe (Biochemist @ Lehigh University): 

Alvin Plantinga (Philosopher @ Notre Dame & Calvin College): 

William Lane Craig (Philosopher & Theologian @ Talbot School of Theology & Houston Baptist University): 

Is Christianity True?

Peter Williams (Biblical Scholar @ Cambridge): 

Simon Gathercole (Biblical Scholar @ Cambridge): 

Richard Bauckham (Biblical Scholar @ Cambridge): 

Mike Licona (Biblical Scholar @ Houston Baptist University):