What are subscribers saying about the daily Greek and Hebrew reading quizzes? 

"This is an excellent tool to help reinforce my knowledge of the biblical languages! I love the way it forces me analyze the text a little deeper and be sure I understand what's going on grammatically!" -Scott

"I look forward to the challenge every morning of parsing and translating. It's an excellent and helpful daily resource." -Frank

"I've found these quizzes such a quick and easy way to practice my Greek little and often each day. They're really well put together and easy to use and access. They've been a great blessing!" -Darren

"Wonderful service. Easily worth the cost. Provides a very easy rhythm for making daily investments in working with the biblical languages. Highly recommended." -Rob

"Since taking Greek in college and seminary, I've grown rusty in my ability to parse Greek words. The Daily Greek Quizzes help me get my head back in the game in only a few minutes each day." -Tom

"This is a great resource and really helpful if you want to retain knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. A daily workout!" - Diane

"Excellent source to quickly review and check my Greek and Hebrew grammar." -Leigh Ann