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Come study with me at Wesley Biblical Seminary!

Want to go deeper in your study of the Bible? Audit a course at Wesley Biblical Seminary! WBS is an evangelical seminary in the Wesleyan tradition with a firm commitment to biblical inerrancy. All courses are available online. Below are two courses I will be teaching this fall (2023).

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NT512: New Testament History and Interpretation

This graduate course introduces you to the fascinating world of the New Testament. The course will equip you to interpret the NT responsibly and to address modern doubts about the historical reliability of the NT. We will be working through N.T. Wright's The New Testament in Its World and Craig Keener's The Historical Jesus of the Gospels. In addition to examining the setting, structure, and themes of each NT book, you will be introduced to many other Jewish and Greco-Roman texts that illuminate the first-century world. Classes meet live on Zoom every Wednesday from 1-4 pm CT.

NT621: Luke-Acts 

This graduate course offers a historical, literary, and theological analysis of Luke-Acts, a two-volume record of the birth of Christianity comprising over 27% of the New Testament. Special attention will be given to questions concerning Luke's reliability as a historian and his distinctive contributions to NT theology. We will be working though Darrell Bock's A Theology of Luke and Acts and Craig Keener's one-volume abridgement of his monumental commentary on Acts. Classes meet live on Zoom every Thursday from 6-9 pm CT.

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